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I too would be very interested in responses from the group. As you probably already know, recreational/spot anglers are loosely regulated in the United States and other geographical locations. In general, there are no biding regulations and policies in the U.S. 
Historically, the basic approach has been to collect voluntary information through phone and face-to-face interviews. I and others have published articles using this type of information. Basically, the only requirement for recreational fishermen in the U.S is to purchase a saltwater fishing license (not every state requires this though) and to abide by state and federal bag, size, and seasonal limits. There are also a few closed areas in the U.S.. that require anglers to release their catch alive. In the last few years the NMFS has also imposed requirements on recreational anglers to register fishing tournments and catches of highly migratory species (HMS), such as swordfish, billfish, and tuna; HMS anglers also need to purchase a permit if they intend to target these species. 
Also, most recreational anglers cannot sell their catch. However, in some locations (Hawaii), charter fishermen can sell their catch. Overall, this group is mostly un-regulated by state and federal govenment and I personally don't see this changing any time soon in the U.S. because some believe this might overstep personal rights issues in the U.S; it would also take an Act of Congress to make this happen. The current big issue is gun contol not fisheries so I don't see anything changing. Many tournaments self-impost thier own limits and rules that are usually more conservative then state and federal reguations.. 
Juan Levesque

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>I have been asked to give thoughts and advise on recreational fishing
>policy/regulations in Lakshadweep Islands in the Indian Ocean.
>I am wondering if anyone could share their experience with sports-fishing
>or direct me to important papers I should read when consulting recreational
>fishing restrictions... the pros and cons of catch and release...etc.
>If anyone knows of perhaps any Pacific islands that have successfully
>managed this type of fishery, I would be very grateful if you let me know.
>Thank you.
>Nicole Cernohorsky
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