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The world of coral reef science and management owes a great debt to Rolf Bak
and Betsy Gladfelter for their hard work and amazing success with our
flagship journal.

Best wishes to Howard Lasker for stepping up to the plate!


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Dear Coral-List subscribers,

I am writing to introduce myself as the new Editor in Chief of /Coral
Reefs./After 5 years of service Rolf Bak has stepped down and with a great
deal of trepidation I will try to fill his shoes.My primary goal will be to
maintain the high standards that he and Betsy Gladfelter, who has been
Assistant to the Editor, have maintained.

As you are all aware, reefs have received a tremendous amount of attention
in the past decade, and that has also placed a spotlight on the focus of our
collective research efforts, understanding the processes that affect coral
reefs.My goal, as editor, is to maintain the importance of /Coral Reefs /in
bringing that information to our community and to society in general.

The journal has flourished under Rolf's leadership.In 2012 we received over
400 Reports, Notes and Reef Sites and published 132.In addition to members
of the ISRS the journal is available to researchers in over
7,000 institutions world-wide.While my focus is on quality not scores, it is
nice to note that our 2012 ISI Impact Factor was 3.662.That places /Coral
Reefs/ #5 among Marine and Freshwater Journals and #4 over the past 5
years.Our Google Scholar h5 score is 37.

Given our success I do not anticipate any big changes in /Coral
Reefs/.However, resting on our laurels is never a good strategy and I will
always be open to suggestions on ways to improve /Coral Reefs.S/imply send
me an email (CoralReefsEditor at buffalo.edu
<mailto:CoralReefsEditor at buffalo.edu>).

There is one change I should alert you to.As of July 1 we have changed the
editorial platform for /Coral Reefs/ and henceforth new submissions will go
through Editorial Manager at http://www.editorialmanager.com/core/.

I look forward to seeing your manuscripts.


Howie Lasker


Howard R. Lasker
    Professor, Department of Geology & Graduate Program in Evolution,
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