[Coral-List] WIO Blenny ID

Victoria Sindorf vsindorf at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 14:41:20 EDT 2013

I have been making an initial study of rocky intertidal fish on the  
Kenyan north coast and encountered a species of Blenniidae that I  
cannot identify using any reef fish guide or fishbase.org.  Does  
anyone have experience with Western Indian Ocean blennies and want to  
take a shot at identifying it?

Main characteristic features seem to be a bright pink or salmon  
colored half-moon shape on the operculum,  a pair of very long cirri  
sitting high on the head, a very tall, continuous dorsal fin with a  
translucent pattern, and a light/dark banding occurring only along the  
dorsal portion of the body, not extending to the midline. It was seen  
in intertidal pool habitat, hanging out on ledges and acting like a  

I have a very clear picture of it, please email me and I'll pass it  
along since I can't attach it here.

Any information on an ID for this blenny (or in fact WIO blennies/ 
gobies in general) would be very helpful as resources are severely  

Tori Sindorf
ARocha Kenya Marine Programme

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