[Coral-List] New paper on cold-water corals of the Azores (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Andreia Braga Henriques andreiahenriques at uac.pt
Tue Jul 16 11:13:33 EDT 2013

Dear colleagues,

For those who may be interested, we just recently published a paper on
cold-water coral diversity and distribution in the Azores EEZ using a
database with over 2500 entries concerning historical oceanographic
expeditions, other sources, and unpublished by-catch data from longline

This study shows that the benthic habitats of the region are true hotspots
of coral diversity documenting 164 species (78 alcyonaceans, 18
antipatharians, 58 scleractinians, and 9 stylasterids). Coral diversity is
particularly high between 300 and 900 m depths, in areas recognized as
traditional fishing grounds.

Braga-Henriques et. al. (2013) Diversity, distribution and spatial structure
of the cold-water coral fauna of the Azores (NE Atlantic). Biogeosciences,
10, 4009­4036.

The paper is open access, and you can find a link to it at the following


Best Regards,
Andreia Braga Henriques
Institute of Marine Research of the
University of the Azores (IMAR-DOP/UAc)
LARSyS Associated Laboratory,
PT-9901-862 Horta

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