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Fri Jul 19 14:53:14 EDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

After being announced in advance here in Coral-List and three months after its publication, the autobiographical book of thestrongest fertilizer of discussions in this forum Gene Shinn was never object of commentary.  Is the silence of the opponents a sign that they surrendered to presented arguments?  In "Bootstrap geologist: my life in science" many controversial issues of this blog are considered in their development in entertaining way with insightful anecdotes.  In the beginning the author announces "[t]hrough my memories, I hope to show how science works" and he shows a side of science that is not published in journals by following his declaration "I came from the culture where science was about truth."  Throughout his long professional winding road starting before the introduction of fax machines and desk-top computers to the time of student's refusal to do aquarium temperature studies on corals for not causing stress or killing any of them
 Gene remembers "running with the herd is safe, but sometimes the herd may be headed for a cliff".  Various problems indirectly related to coral reefs also receive good attention, not to miss mention that the Coral-List's evolution is also discussed.  I do not wish to spoil the collegial pleasure of reading the memoirs and stop here. Let me finish with words, characterizing the master of story, from the medal announcement of prestigious Twenhofel Medal to Eugene A. Shinn: "Gene has an innate ability often to perceive truths before others do and encourages discussion and innovative thinking..  He is not afraid to speak his mind or to get on the hot seat amidst controversy".

Thanks, Gene, what is the next?



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