[Coral-List] AGU fall 2013 Hyperspectral session

Chuanmin Hu huc at usf.edu
Mon Jul 22 18:50:54 EDT 2013

Dear Colleagues: Please see the following announcement. Thanks for your 
attention. Chuanmin Hu, University of South Florida

AGU Fall 2013 Meeting - session on hyperspectral remote sensing of 
coastal aquatic environments calls for abstracts - Deadline for abstract 
submission is Aug 6, 2013.

AGU Fall Meeting, 9-13 December 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA 
Session OS009 calls for abstract submission

Title: Hyperspectral remote sensing of coastal aquatic environments 
using manned and unmanned airborne vehicles: Technical advancement and 
scientific applications

Session Conveners: Drs. Chuanmin Hu, Paul Carlson, Stanley Herwitz, and 
Liane Guild
Description: The NASA ROSES Program recently funded several projects to 
test the feasibility and challenges in using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 
(UAVs) and other airborne platforms and sensors to collect Earth science 
data and address Earth science questions. The session will focus on two 
aspects of airborne remote sensing science: 1) technical challenges and 
advancement of UAV and other airborne remote sensing (e.g., AVIRIS, 
PRISM, and commercial sensors), including sensor comparison and 
integration, operational strengths and constraints of differing 
platforms/sensors, geometric and atmospheric correction, 
calibration/validation, and development of inversion algorithms to 
retrieve water-column and benthic parameters; 2) application of airborne 
remote sensing data to resolve short-term changes in water-column 
properties (e.g., phytoplankton biomass, CDOM, and suspended sediment) 
as well as in productivity and biomass of seagrasses, corals, and other 
coastal benthic habitats.

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