[Coral-List] Antioxidants in Symbiodinium and hosts

Thomas Krueger thomas.krueger at vuw.ac.nz
Sun Jul 28 13:36:02 EDT 2013


I am looking for publications that have assessed enzymatic antioxidants 
such as SOD, APX, CAT in hosts that harbor Symbiodinium, ideally under 
light and temperature stress on the proteomic level. Even better if they 
have been measured simultaneously in both partners.

The studies I have found so far are listed below. It would be very much 
appreciated, if you can add to that list.

Thanks a lot!


*Caparkaya D, Cengiz S, Dincel B, Demir S, Cavas L*. 2010. The effects 
of UV exposure on the antioxidant enzyme systems of anemones. 
/Mediterranean Marine Science/ *11*, 259-276.

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*Higuchi T, Fujimura H, Arakaki T, Oomori T*. 2008. Activities of 
antioxidant enzymes (SOD and CAT) in the coral /Galaxea fascicularis/ 
against increased hydrogen peroxide concentrations in seawater. 
/Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium/.

*Higuchi T, Fujimura H, Hitomi Y, Arakaki T, Oomori T, Suzuki Y*. 2010. 
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animal to superoxide ion production at elevated temperature. /The 
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*Yakovleva I, Bhagooli R, Takemura A, Hidaka M*. 2004. Differential 
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*Yakovleva IM, Baird AH, Yamamoto HH, Bhagooli R, Nonaka M, Hidaka M*. 
2009. Algal symbionts increase oxidative damage and death in coral 
larvae at high temperatures. /Marine Ecology Progress Series/ *378*, 


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