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Craig Musburger craig at musburger.com
Tue Jun 4 14:59:41 EDT 2013

Hi coral-listers,

I wanted to let you all know about a series we are producing for PBS 
Digital Studios that is available for free online at 

To date, we have released 4 episodes and a new one will come out every 
other Tuesday. The series combines marine science with the challenges of 
underwater film making. We have been getting great responses from 
educators who are using the videos in their classrooms. Please feel free 
to share with your students and colleagues.

The 4th episode just went live at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR1gP5S6Bsk

In this episode, our team visits a part of the marine world that often 
goes unexplored by scientists and cameramen alike: the intertidal. The 
intertidal is the area between the lowest low tide and the highest high 
tide, and it is only accessible for the brief window of time when the 
tide goes out. It is one of the most difficult environments for any 
marine organism to live as the plants and animals there must deal with 
changing temperature, salinity, and the relentless pounding from waves. 
The intertidal is also an extremely difficult area to film - even though 
many of the areas where we went for this episode are only a few inches deep!

Previous episodes currently available include a night dive with manta 
rays, a wreck dive on a WWII Corsair fighter plane, and a harrowing dive 
on the active lava flow on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Please help get the word out if you enjoy the series!

*Craig Musburger, Ph.D.*
HD Under H2O <http://www.hdunderh2o.com>
craig at musburger.com <mailto:craig at musburger.com>

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