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Dear Vassil, 

Manicina areolata is well known to occur in deep localities, but, as the title mentions, BOTH Caribbean free-living species CO-OCCURING in such a deep habitat was unknown. For Meandrina danae it was not known at all to occur at such depths. The sentence 'None of these species were known to occur in such deep habitat.' is referring to Curacao, and may have caused some confusion. I'd love to get your publication, but I doubt that French is 'largely used' in the scientific coral reef community.
Best, Erik
Ps. I hope you enjoyed all the papers that I've send you at your request.
Ps 2. I believe that Mark was the editor for the reef site :)

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[Coral-List] Carmabi annual report - Manicina areolata distribution
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Thanks, Mark, for offering access to Carmabi Annual Report and publications...  May I pay attention to one published statement.  Meesters, E. H., B.. Mueller & M. M. Nugues (*) reported presence of Manicina areolata in depth of 30-50 m and declared that this species has not been reported from such a deep habitat.  This does not correspond to what is well known, because three decades ago it was published living in more than two dozens deep localities (**) and in a largely used recent book (***) for this species is given "Depth: 2 - 200 ft."  I am sure some colleagues will have in mind also other examples. One wonders how was presented such manuscript for publishing in Coral Reefs.  I tried but did not receive answer from the Editor in Chief about who communicated the mentioned Reef site.

(*) Meesters, E. H., B. Mueller, M. M. Nugues. 2012. Caribbean free-living coral species co-occurring deep off
the windward coast of Curacao. Coral Reefs, DOI
10.1007/s00338-012-0960-6 or Coral Reefs (2013) 32: 109. 
(**)Zlatarski, V. N., MartinezEstalella. 1982. Les Scléractiniares de
Cuba avec des données sur la organismes associés. Edit. Académie bulgare des Sciences, Sofia, 472
p., annexe 1.          
(***) Humann, P.., N. Deloach. 2006. Reef coral identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas..  New World Publications, 287 p.



Vassil Zlatarski
D.Sc. (Biology), Ph.D. (Geology)

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Subject: [Coral-List] Carmabi annual report and new labs opened

Dear all

For those of you that are curious to know more about Carmabi and how the
station could be helpful to you, it is my pleasure to direct you to our
Carmabi Annual  Report 2012. You will find a fairly comprehensive overview
of activities and projects that were done in 2012. You can  take a look at
the annual report by clicking on the following link:


You'll find a link to the annual report under "publications" on the black
main navigation bar.

I would also like to invite you to have a look at the new lab that was
recently  completed. These new facilities will be available to the research
community. An impression of the new facilities and work progress can be
found by clicking on the link http://www.researchstationcarmabi.org/new-lab

Please contact me (at carmabilog at gmail.com) if you require more details
or have any questions.

Tropical regards


Dr. M.J.A. Vermeij
Science Director Carmabi Foundation
Piscaderabaai z/n
Web: http://www.researchstationcarmabi.org/

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Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED)
University of Amsterdam
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Phone: +5999-5103067
Email: m.vermeij at carmabi.org
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