[Coral-List] Coral & Giant Clam Farming - Guam USA?? (Don Baker)

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Keep in mind that as a Territory of the US, activities on Guam must abide  
by GovGuam and US regulations - CITES might not be the regulatory  driver.  
Although the DAWR folks might seem open at this point, NOAA  Fisheries will 
most likely not be open to harvesting wild coral.  The  Navy's proposal to 
impact coral in Apra Harbor and mitigate by transplanting  (and many other 
means that appear not to completely offset the impacts) have  polarized the 
agencies and there is a fair amount of attention being placed on  Guam's 
corals.  However, an aquaculture program is something  different.  Incidentally, 
on Monday 24 June there will be a Coral Symposium  being held at the 27th 
Pacific Island Environmental Conference 
(http://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1209753)  on Guam.  All the regulatory folks will be 
there and would be a good chance  to discuss in person.
The Micronesian Mariculture Conservation Center (now called the Palau  
Mariculture Conservation Center) raised Tridacna and transplanted them offshore  
Cocos Island in 1984 and in Apra Harbor in 1989. The transplants to Cocos  
(3-yr old stock) did better than those to Apra (5-yr old stock).
Dan Savercool,  CSE
Senior  Scientist 
EA Engineering, Science, and  Technology 
1001 Army Drive, Suite  103 
Barrigada, Guam  96913Mobile: 671-988-6075
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From: Don  Baker <reefpeace at yahoo.com>
Subject: [Coral-List] Coral & Giant  Clam Farming - Guam USA??
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Hello Coral-L Members,

So what if I  wanted to start a coral & giant clam farm in the US Territory 
of Guam??  CITES issues still in place to export from Guam to USA 
mainland?? USFW issues  for importing to USA?? 

GovGuam fisheries people seem open and  willing to assist with permits to 
utilize wild 'mother corals.'? By territorial  law, one Guam resident is 
allowed to harvest three (3) Tridacna sp. clams that  are 7 inches > per day.

Coral-L people I believe know best here  perhaps?

Looking forward to any opinions, comments, advice here  please.

Don Baker

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