[Coral-List] Reef Restoration & Coastal Defenses - Highlighting Projects & Examples

Donald Potts potts at ucsc.edu
Tue Jun 11 15:03:14 EDT 2013

Dear Restoration Leader,

We are gathering information on *Reef Restoration *projects that were 
designed to deliver ecosystem services in general, and *Coastal Defense 
*benefits in particular (e.g., wave attenuation, erosion reduction). We 
are also interested in other kinds of restoration projects that may have 
had un-anticipated effects (positive or negative) on coastal defense. 
Our primary goals are to evaluate the costs and benefits of different 
approaches and to identify situations where each is most effective.

We have created a brief 5-question survey to help fill this knowledge 
gap (questions are listed below for your convenience). We would greatly 
appreciate if you could fill out your answers at this link 

Alternatively, you may reply directly to this email with your answers 
(Please put an X before appropriate answers and/or attach any documents 
relevant to restoration projects). Please do NOT reply to Coral-List. 
Instead, please email one of the following

Donald Potts <potts at ucsc.edu> <mailto:potts at ucsc.edu>
Mike Beck <mbeck at TNC.ORG> <mailto:mbeck at TNC.ORG>
Rachel Fabian <rfabian at ucsc.edu> <mailto:rfabian at ucsc.edu>

We will send a copy of the survey results to all participants who answer 
the survey and provide a contact email.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Dr. Donald Potts     Professor, University California Santa Cruz

Dr. Mike Beck        Lead Marine Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

Rachel Fabian        PhD Student, University California Santa Cruz


*1. Which services or benefits have your reef restoration projects been 
designed to deliver?*

___Fish production; ___Coastal Defense; ___Recreation; __Coral recovery; 
___Other (please specify)

*2. What ecosystem services or benefits have you measured during or 
after restoration projects?*

___Fish production; ___Coastal Defense; ___Recreation; ___Coral 
recovery; ___Other (please specify)

*3. If you have used any of the following methods for restoration 
projects, please rank the top 3 methods you consider to be most effective.*

___Reef Balls; ___BioRock; ___EcoReef; ___Reef Rubble unconsolidated; 
___Reef Rubble consolidated (e.g., gabion);

___Other concrete structures; ___Geotextile tubes; ___Coral Gardening 
(e.g., transplants); ___Other (please specify)

*4. What was the total cost of your largest restoration project (specify 
currency if non-USD)?*


___$10k - $100k

___$101k - $500k

___$501k - $1M

___ >$1M


*5. Please provide citations or URLs for publications, websites, fact 
sheets or other references on your projects, particularly those that 
have been designed to include coastal defense benefits.*

  Donald C. Potts

  Professor of Biology
  Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
       and Institute of Marine Sciences

  Treasurer - International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS)

  Office: A408  Earth and Marine Sciences Building
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