[Coral-List] Responding to enthusiastic local stakeholders wanting to set up local artificial reefs - are there any basic guidelines?

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Wed Jun 19 05:07:58 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I'm hoping you can help us. The Green Fins approach promotes sustainable
diving practices through the implementation of environmental standards.
Dive centres join Green Fins free of charge and receive training and
guidance on how to manage their businesses more sustainably. Throughout the
process, dive centres are encouraged to engage in local environmental
initiatives. Many of them are turning to the installation of artificial
reefs as they feel it will help to regenerate local reefs, create awareness
and lead to more dive sites.

We do not want to discourage any enthusiastic behaviour shown by the
network, but as a general rule we promote activities which protect the
healthy coral reefs we still have over creating new ones / coral nurseries
and planting. We also understand that the effects of artificial reefs such
as coral buds e.t.c which are placed in close proximity to healthy coral
reef systems might have a negative impact on local reef health.

I do understand that the complex nature of coral reefs makes it difficult
to have a one size fits all approach to artificial reefs. However, it would
be very useful for us if we could have some sort of recognised guideline
for artificial reefs - does anyone know of anything like this? If not, can
any of you refer me to a recognised specialist in this area whom we could
request a statement from in regards to the possible implications of setting
up artificial reefs without thorough site investigations.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Best wishes,
Chloe Hunt

Green Fins International Coordinator
The Reef-World Foundation

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