[Coral-List] Majuro flooding and coral protection

Dean Jacobson atolldino at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 25 14:03:23 EDT 2013

I met this month with US govt
agencies in Honolulu about on-going coral mining for the US FAA-funded RSA
(safety area) project that has so far destroyed several acres of lagoon reef.
large swells with an exceptionally high tide knocked down much of the airport
runway, flooding the airport (we were just about to land there when my plane
from Honolulu was diverted to Guam…I hope to leave Guam today).  Many homes were flooded and damaged (possibly
my own, as well).
This the
leverage we need to drive home the message that one protects coral reefs on
atolls, if one wants to protect the land, one does not mine them!  Please
contact the regional FAA manager (ron.v.simpson at faa.gov)
and his supervisor in Los Angeles (mark.mcclardy at faa.gov).
(Neither have responded to my email). There is also an FAA hotline for reported fraud and abuse.  Voice your concern for this unnecessary
reef destruction, in light of this clear and present threat of rising sea level.  And sign my petition at Care2!
Dean Jacobson

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