[Coral-List] Strange algae reported by divers (Bastiaan Vermonden)

George Stoyle gstoyle at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 20:22:45 EST 2013


I've just seen something similar to this in the southern Red Sea
(http://www.earthinfocus.com/GWS-1808.jpg). It looks a little like a
mat tunicate fairly common in the Caribbean called Trididemnum
solidum. It's tricky to say for sure because of the blue colour-caste
in your photo, but looks more like the Red Sea species which I
tentatively identified as Diplosoma viridis.

I'd be interested to know what else you find out about it as


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> Dear Coral-listers
> I just came across this question in a linkedin discussion group and thought
> I could pose the question here:
>  "
> *Need help identifying this strange black algae looking species growing on
> corals in the Philippines. *
> This picture was sent to myself as the regional Coordinator of Green fins.
> We often get our members sending in strange e-mails but this one has really
> got us stuck. It is very fast growing and resembles a smothering blanket
> that is covering coral reefs in the Philippines. It is starting to concern
> many divers who are seeing more and more of it specifically in the Moalboal
> region of Cebu.
> http://greenfins.net/Content/Uploads/Unknown%20black%20species.jpg?goback=%2Egmr_49850%2Egde_49850_member_218294623
> "
> Maybe someone from the coral list is familiar with this phenomena?
> Regards,
> Bastiaan Vermonden
> http://diveselector.com
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