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Dear all,

Just wanted to thank you all for your valuable comments to my question whether it would make sense to use Bioline and hooks that rot away for recreational fishing in the Maldives. 
For such fishing activities, fish are not discarded but always used in the kitchen (no sharks, rays, morays...), so there's no question about the survival chances of the fish. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the references I got from Bill and will look deeper into that. I am not a fan of C&R of large fish like sailfish or marlin since backbones often break when reeling the fish in; however, it may be an option for reef fish such as Red Snappers et alias.

The reason why I am interested in biodegradable material is because of the by-catch (if hooks cannot be taken from a shark or moray, the line has to be cut off) and because of the fish that escape with a hook in the mouth, if the line breaks for example. 

Thanks Maia McGuire for the info about the "memory" of the fishing line, that stays coiled when unspooled. 

Julie Hawkins: I agree this fishing should be stopped since our tourism industry depends on the very fish, but believe me if I could I would. It is, however unrealistic at this point of time as its a heavily revenue-generating activity for resorts and most don't have the guts to stop it. Then again we have a much larger industrial fishing activity besides the sunset fishing which is currently not controlled. 

Andrew gave the idea of using the strongest fishing line with a 50cm steel trace and light, barbless, raw-stell circle hooks. Barbless hooks are famous here in the Maldives for Tuna fishery, because they just fall off the hook onto the boat, but I will look into this for the sunset fishing activities as well.

Reinhard reminded me of Guy Steven's presentation in Male' four years ago where he presented a fishing hook, attached to the fishing line with a weaker, thinner line acting as a predetermined breaking point. The benefit of this line is that if it tears, the fish will carry "only" a hook inside its mouth without the long fishing line. 

Will keep you posted if I've got any news.



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