[Coral-List] Unite to save the planet! An online network for the conservation and development sector

Alice Grainger alicetgrainger at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 09:23:07 EDT 2013

Hello All,
Thanks so much for your interest in NGOPOLIS.
i have been asked by a few users to provide information about a couple fo
the specific feature of the site and how they might be useful to you.

For this comunity, I imagine that you might make use of the Group
functions. In the Group profiles you can:
- Create DATA TABLES that be added to by other group members
- Upload files, such as phto ID of migratory species (Manta, Whale, Whale
shark ID etc) that can be shared or used as references.
- Create open or closed discussion groups

You can also use your profile to upload files (PDFs, Word Docs, Exel, or
images) that other users can download (or not!).
I hope this helps!
Please let me know if you have anyother questions. It is exciting to see
user numbers growing.
Very best wishes to you all,

On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 5:42 PM, Alice Grainger <alicetgrainger at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have just released the beta version of an online social network for the
> conservation and devlopment sector, designed to make the work of
> conservation and development just that little bit easier.
> http://ngopolis.com/
> For NGOPOLIS  to be really effective, it needs to each a critical mass of
> users. If you think this is something that you will find useful, I hope
> that you will share it with your network.
> Very best wishes,
> Alice
> Harnessing the power of online social networking for the conservation and
> sustainable development sector
> Inspired by the natural world, in which resilient, productive systems
> thrive through diversity and connectivity, NGOPOLIS.com is a free online
> initiative which will help consolidate the international conservation and
> development community, providing a space though which field scientists,
> professionals, academics, students, and organisations can:
> - - Search for relevant peers or peer groups, projects, updates, data,
> and images according to a wide variety of search parameters
>    - Share knowledge, experiences, and expertise and tap into a global
> network of support
>   - Collaborate and share data; group profiles have a table function for
> easy data collation
> - Access global news from the sector through a comprehensive RSS aggregator
> - Connect with funders and keep abreast of application deadlines and other
> events
>      - Communicate informally and in real time through an ‘instant
> messaging’ function
>   - Provide sustainable livelihood initiatives in remote communities with
> access to an international market through an online ARCADE
>    - Provide feedback and ensure that the site develops in line with the
> needs of its users
> As we continue to face environmental and socio-economic challenges, there
> is no longer any need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ in the search for solutions.
> By connecting the dots, we can capitalise on lessons already learned, make
> use of discoveries that have already been made, and disseminate strategies
> that have already proven to be effective.
> www.NGOPOLIS.com
>  <http://www.NGOPOLIS.com>

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