[Coral-List] Iso-met saw for Galapagos fish study?

Pelayo Salinas de León pelayo.salinas at fcdarwin.org.ec
Thu Mar 14 16:11:39 EDT 2013

Dear list readers, 

We are starting a series of projects in the Galapagos archipelago aimed at producing management suggestions for several of the fish species targeted by the traditional artisanal fishery. In spite of the importance of the Galapagos islands in terms of biodiversity and history, there is little known about basic life history of several of these species. We are in the midst of establishing a laboratory that will focus on otolith age estimation. However, funding options have been scarce and while we have secured most of the equipment needed we are still short of a low speed iso-met saw. We are wondering if any list member might have an old functioning saw lying and would be interested in donating/selling it to the Charles Darwin Foundation? 

Warmest regards from the Galapagos. 


Pelayo Salinas de León, PhD 
Head of Fisheries and Sharks Research - Coordinador de Investigación en Pesquerías y Tiburones 
Charles Darwin Foundation - Fundación Charles Darwin 

Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island 
Galápagos - Ecuador 
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