[Coral-List] Faculty Development Seminar - CIEE July 2013 Bonaire

Rita Peachey RPeachey at ciee.org
Mon Mar 18 11:32:44 EDT 2013

Dear Coral List: CIEE Research Station Bonaire will be hosting an International Faculty Development Seminar with Dr. Mark Hixon as the distinguished faculty leader from 18 - 28 July 2013.

Program Description
Coral reefs in the Caribbean are disappearing before our eyes.  Many reefs, where corals once thrived, have become dominated by macroalgae.  Hard and soft corals are racked with diseases, large fish are rare, sharks are rarer and invasive species are on the rise.  What are the causes?  Are the issues global or regional?  Are problems man-made or the result of natural climate variability?  What is being done to address the plight of Caribbean reefs?  Are regional solutions possible?  Can the issues be resolved with international treaties?

Participants in the Tropical Marine Ecology and Conservation program will gain an in depth understanding of the ecology and conservation priorities of Bonaire, a small, desert island in the southern Caribbean.  The ecology of coral reefs and associated ecosystems (mangroves and seagrasses) and answers to the questions posed above will be the focus of the program.  As one of the first marine protected areas to incorporate the entire circumference of the island into a marine park - Bonaire is the ideal place to learn about this fascinating and timely subject.  Topics will include coral biology and reef formation; the ecological connections among mangroves, seagrasses and coral reef ecosystems; implications of fishing pressures and land use practices on tropical, nearshore communities; biodiversity and invasions; the roles of pollution and climate change in reef degradation and the use of marine protected areas in coral reef conservation.

The cost of the seminar is $3,500, which includes shared accommodation at the research station, breakfasts, welcome and farewell BBQs, 2 meals daily, fees to local field trips and marine park & airport shuttle.  To register go to http://www.ciee.org/ifds/seminars/bonaire/index.aspx

Rita BJ Peachey, PhD
Director, CIEE Research Station Bonaire
Email:  rpeachey at ciee.org<mailto:rpeachey at ciee.org>

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