[Coral-List] Ciguatera session at Pacific Science Intercongress, July, Fiji & PLOS NTD Ciguatera

mark skinner mark_skinner59 at yahoo.com.au
Sat Mar 23 23:49:36 EDT 2013


Dear coral list convenor, please post the following to coral list:
Dear Coral listers,
You are invited to a ciguatera session at the Pacific Science Inter Congress in Fiji in July, please see below and forward this message to any interested colleagues. Should you wish to learn more about the Ciguatera epidemic in Oceanea, please google: PLOS NTD Ciguatera in the Pacific; or try:
best wishes and regards
Mark Skinner
Entox, Aust.

SESSION: Ciguatera
Dear  Dr Mark Skinner 

Many thanks for your participation in the 12th Pacific Science Association Inter-Congress, Suva, Fiji 8-12 July 2013 and agreeing to convene the above Special Session which will run under the overall theme of Oceans 
As a minimum, to be recognized and run as a Special Session within the symposium, we would require at least 6 oral presentations to be accepted within your session and we thank you for your assistance in circulating information and attracting abstract submissions. Please note that all abstracts should be submitted via the online submission process (see http://www.psi2013.usp.ac.fj/) for vetting by the Scientific Organising Committee and we ask that you encourage the contributors to your Special Session to submit their abstracts as soon as possible, and preferably well before the revised deadline of the end of March. The members of the Scientific Organising Committee managing your theme area will liaise with you on the suitability of abstracts for your Special Session. 
Unfortunately, we cannot provide any funds for attendance of speakers within the Special Session, but we do encourage you to seek external funding to support this. If external sponsorship is raised, then please let us know so that the sponsors can be acknowledged in the conference literature, and please provide high-quality logos if the sponsors would wish to be acknowledged in this way. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further clarification, or contact our conference planner Anitelu St John (anitelu.stjohn at usp.ac.fj). 
Once again, many thanks for your exciting session proposal, which will make a vital contribution to the Inter-Congress. I am looking forward to seeing the final session line-up. 
All the best 
Prof John Bythell 
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & International) 
Director, 12th PSA Inter-Congress

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