[Coral-List] Is or isn't Lionfish safe to eat, that's the question

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Tue May 7 01:12:37 EDT 2013

See: Food Safety: http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2013/03/fda-adds-lionfish-to-list-of-fish-that-may-carry-ciguatoxins/#.UW1Gib8s5ZF
    Food Safety News         
    FDA Adds Lionfish to List of Fish That May Carry Ciguatoxins
    Issues ciguatera guidelines for industry
    BY NEWS DESK |  MARCH 26, 2013

When we sent this to the Aruban press we got a big backlash from the Government and the Aruba Marine Park Foundation saying this was all nonsense!!! It so happened there was a huge Lionfish hunt and cookout on April 30 with more than a 1,000 people in Aruba sampling cooked Lionfish including many a tourist.

Is this foolish or what? At heart is the fact that the "science" behind this is being seriously questioned in Aruba.

Any comments on the actual food safety are welcome.

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