[Coral-List] Conceptual framework for modelling dimensions and issues in EEZ's

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The UNCLOS (United Nations Convention Law of the Seas) has an instrument called the Exclusive Economic Zone.

Is has three conceptual spatial dimensions the Surface, Water Column and Seabed and below.

We are looking for conceptual framework models that allow integral modelling of all categories of dimensions, issues and concepts.

E.g. we have identified six areas of interest: (1) coastal and marine biodiversity, (2) fisheries, (3) shipping, (4) environmental management, (5) management and exploitation of mineral resources in the seabed and seafloor, (6) scientific research and collaboration with states with contiguous EEZ's.

Dozens of treaties apply to the management of EEZ's and we are looking for conceptual models which include a checklist for implementation of all UNCLOS prescribed aspects of the EEZ.

The management of EEZ's and proper spatial and timeline management modelling thereof for planning and policy making is just the latest of new hot issues in addressing in a combined fashion food security biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation.

Exploration of natural gas and oil in the seabed is making this issue ever more urgent. In the Caribbean a growing number of island states is planning marine surveys for oil and gas exploration yet without any in our humble opinion adequate planning for management of resources.

We welcome any scientific papers, policy documents or links to websites of government agencies, universities and research institutes dealing with conceptual framework models and modelling for EEZ's.

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