[Coral-List] Alert Diver Article on proposed coral listing

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   Dear Alex,

   Industry leaders get buoyed up by opinions like this one that appeared just
   a few days ago in The Wall Street Journal.

   It provides cover and allows the deception to continue unabated under the
   guise of unsettled science.

   Meanwhile they can promote business as usual without having to take the risk
   of   upsetting   that   part  of  the  diving  public  that  has  been
   convinced that elevated CO2 levels are in fact beneficial and unrelated to
   rising temperatures and ocean acidification.

   As for statements like the one that came out of the last International Coral
   Reef Symposium . . . what does that have to do with the diving industry?

   And besides, new divers don't have a baseline with which to measure current
   coral reef conditions.

   I bet we can keep them coming for years to come.



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   As you well know, lack of leadership is exactly why the diving industry has
   lagged so far behind in responding to the climate change issue. It also
   doesn't  help that many of its "leaders" still don't even believe it's


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       Kudos go out to Mark and Chelsea for their collaborative effort in
       this important issue to the attention of divers around the world. Who
       maybe  it  will  signal the beginning of a new era that will take hold
       throughout the scuba diving industry.
       My fear is that even with the recent revelations from Mauna Loa industry
       leaders  will  continue  to  ignore clear indications that rising
       and oceanic CO2 levels will be a deadly combination for the world's
       reefs.    IMO  up to now they have been paralyzed by fear that an
       acknowledgment  and  recognition of the issue along with support for a
       proactive plan to help mitigate the impacts of a changing climate on
       reefs will not play well with the polarized political beliefs of the
       diving  community.  This  along with concerns that suitable mitigation
       strategies could have an adverse effect on their bottom line has fueled
       I don't believe these fears are justified, but just like on the national
       international levels it will take courageous leadership to set the
        Steve Mussman
        Sea Lab Diving
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     For those who have not seen it yet, the Spring issue of Alert Diver, the

       magazine of the Divers Alert Network, includes an article entitled
       Protection for Reef Corals" by C. Mark Eakin, Ph.D., and Chelsey N.
       Alert Diver invited NOAA to contribute this article as part of their
       Planet" column.. The article focuses on major threats to coral species
       NOAA's proposed listing of 66 species of corals under the Endangered
       Act. You can read it online at [6]http://www.alertdiver.com/Protection
     or on
       page 106 of the print edition.



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