[Coral-List] Alert Diver Article on proposed coral listing

Jay Burkos jayburkos at gmail.com
Tue May 14 08:26:33 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

Nice to see a number of great responses.   Some of us are very
skeptical of "man-made" global warming.  We're not morons, Republican
stooges, etc.   we are the same people who shook our heads at the
global cooling ruckus of the 1970's.

Should we treat our planet with more care?  Yes.   But is the solution
launching a micro-mirror shield to block sunlight as some warming
fanatics proclaimed, or dumbing tons of iron into the ocean as another
already did?   No.   That's insane...and dangerous.

Can we start with solutions that address the problems in our nation?
I spoke about exhaust issues earlier and received an assortment of
answers - some sarcastic because I have the gall to question man-made
warming.    Others very informative.   Thanks!   But warming, though
the modern scientific snake oil, doesn't address many other problems.
 Biodiversity, violations of CITES, agricultural run-off, invasive
species (crown of thorns, zebra mussels, lion-fish), over fishing,
destructive shrimp fishing practices, and drift nets all contribute
massively to the decimation of species, reefs and our oceans.   Those
problems have directly identifiable solutions.  Their effects are
directly correlated to a specific human action.

Rather than investing billions into taxation and GW work, I'd love to
see coalitions of serious scientists attacking these all too
destructive practices.  You won't see doubt from anyone, and there
will be measurable success.

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On May 14, 2013, at 6:29, Ulf Erlingsson <ceo at lindorm.com> wrote:

> Carbonic acid comes from CO2 and in Europe all new cars now have to be declared as to how much CO2 they emit per kilometer.
> However, I think the OP's point was that if acidification is a bigger issue than temperature, then the debate should focus on acidification and not on temperature.
> Having said that, I think the point about running out of fossil fuel is very valid, and I can't understand why the public opinion seems so oblivious to that threat.
> Ulf Erlingsson
> On 2013-05-13, at 12:29, Eugene Shinn wrote:
>> "Buffering acid in car exhaust won't change anything"...The high level
>> CO2 (.004%) in the atmosphere/ocean will remain for 50 to 100 years. We
>> will run out of fossil fuel by then anyway. Gene
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