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Dear coral-listers:
I feel “deeply” excited to share with the coral community some great

The first “Deep-water coral National Natural Park” in Colombia will be established
on 24 May 2013. About 142000 Ha will be protected from fisheries and potential
oil exploitation.


This is a moment of celebration and joy for those who discovered these
deep-water coral areas and believed from a very first moment that their
extraordinary diversity should be protected. Colombian decision makers have
heard the voice of scientists thanks to tireless work of INVEMAR director and
staff and their close collaboration with the National Parks. 


This triumph is just the beginning! There are other highly diverse
areas in the Colombian deep-waters to be protected. There is still a lot of research to be done.


In the references below, you can find the scientific information showing
the coral diversity that we have been found in Colombian deep waters. Do not skip
the acknowledgements! Many of you contributed in many ways to make this


All the best,


Nadia Santodomingo

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Earth Sciences Department

Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road





N., J. Reyes, P. Flórez, I.C.Chacón-Gómez, L. P. van Ofwegen, B.W. Hoeksema  (2013) Diversity and distribution of
azooxanthellate corals in the Colombian Caribbean. Marine Biodiversity. DOI

Also check the supplementary material.


Santodomingo, N., J. Reyes, A.
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Heidelberg, pp. 309-330. http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/3-540-27673-4_15


J.D., N. Santodomingo and J. Reyes (2011) Deep-sea corals formations: biologic
criteria for the establishment of marine protected areas on a continental
margin (100-300 m) in the Colombian Caribbean. Bol Inv Mar Cost 40 (1):89-113



For discoveries on cold-seeps: 

Gracia, A., Rangel-Buitrago, N., Sellanes, J. (2011) Methane seep
molluscs from the Sinu–San

Jacinto fold belt in the Caribbean Sea of Colombia. Journal of the
Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom.


For more information about deep-water diversity in Colombia (most are
in Spanish):


Chacón-Gómez, I.C., J. Reyes, N. Santodomingo (2012) Deep-water octocorals
(Cnidaria: Anthozoa) collected from the Colombian Caribbean during the
Macrofauna explorations 1998-2002. Bol Inv Mar Cost 41:193-211.


Flórez-Romero, P., E. Montoya-Cadavid, J. Reyes-Forero and N. Santodomingo
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Borrero-Pérez G.H., M. Benavides-Serrato y C.M. Diaz-Sanchez (2012)
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Publicaciones Especiales de Invemar No. 30. Santa Marta, 250 p. http://www.invemar.org.co/redcostera1/invemar/docs/10454EQII__web.pdf


And the list is long… more publications on corals, fishes, molluscs,
crustaceans, bryozoans, echinoderms, algae, could be found exploring the link of the INVEMAR research group:



For those curious in the Colombian news (Spanish)





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