[Coral-List] underwater paper (Juergen Herler)

Juergen Herler juergen.herler at univie.ac.at
Fri May 17 15:05:36 EDT 2013

Hi Malin!

For writing under water with a pencil, I suggest to use the Avery
Zweckform weatherproof film (article nr. 3487). You can also print on it
with a laser printer (e.g. for printing an empty table on it and fill in
the data with a pencil - the latter can be erased if you want to erase
data ...). I have been using the Zweckform film for a long time, also
because it already comes in A4 and can be taped to any slate and be
removed again easily.


The paper thickness is 0.13 mm, not 13 mm as the amazon-site says.


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University of Vienna
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