[Coral-List] Underwater signage

martina m.milanese at studioassociatogaia.com
Sat May 18 04:14:25 EDT 2013

Nice idea!
I will try it myself, and adapt it to our dataloggers (that are 
recurrently being stolen).
They are little cute things with a pulsing red LED light - apparently 
very attractive to marine life covered in neoprene.


Il 17/05/13 19.48, Michael Risk ha scritto:
> Good day.
> Many years ago [the statute of limitations has now run out] I was attempting to obtain settling rates of invertebrates on panels with different textures, set underwater at Catalina Island. I ran into terrible problems with treasure hunters/vandals/thieves damaging the experimental setups. So I devised a modified technique. I wrote my text on the panels using red nail polish, and then covered that with a fiberglass gelcoat. The panels themselves were simply soft wood 2 x 6 pieces, covered in fiberglass. What I wrote was not accurate, but was designed to repel invaders.
> Worked like a charm. The panels were underwater for many months, the signage remained legible, and any algae could simply be wiped off.
>   A friend of mine, the manager of the Marine Lab, was standing on the lab dock one day when a dive boat pulled up, and a red-faced overweight  irate diver  jumped off. He said "Hey! I was just diving out on the rocks, and I saw some panels down there.  I whipped out my knife and was going to collect them for my rec room, when I read the sign that said DANGER RADIOACTIVE.  Am I in any danger because I came so close?"
> Bob had a moment to think, this is the kind of guy that has just caused Mike to lose six months work. Then he said "Sir, you are in absolutely no danger. There is only a slight chance of any damage. Go home, and if you do not notice any change in your external genitalia over the next six months, you will know you are out of danger."
> Several lessons here. First, don't try this at home. Second, a gelcoat over your text is a guarantee of longevity. Of your text.
> Mike
> On 2013-05-16, at 8:39 AM, Ruleo Camacho wrote:
>> Good Day,
>> I am attempting to create some underwater signage for a snorkeling reef
>> trail but I have been having immense difficulty in obtaining a material
>> which would be adequate to stand up to the rigors of salt water and and
>> micro organisms. Any suggestions on what materials/methods may be suitable
>> for this use?
>> Regards
>> --
>> Ruleo
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