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Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Thu May 23 11:32:06 EDT 2013

Thank you, Billy.

In answer to your question, "What is the truth?"   I'd have to quote
Mark Twain:

  "I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I
  didn't know."

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> Re: [Coral-List] Happy Anniversary
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> 5/23/13 11:21 AM
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> Ps now tell me, I know you see all the messages sent to the coral
> list, and some don't get posted, possibly because of passionate
> statements.
> But my question is, have you been swayed?  Do you believe in climate
> change, ocean acidification, sea level rise or any of the global
> threats tossed about by members on the Coral List??  What is the
> truth?

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