[Coral-List] AGRRA coral identification slides

Judith Lang jlang at riposi.net
Thu May 23 14:35:35 EDT 2013

Hi coral-listers,
We don't usually you to minor changes in the training materials that are online at the AGRRA web site. But since posting the 2013 version of the Caribbean (shallow-intermediate depth) coral identification slides last month, I have learned that the orange-red fluorescence in M. cavernosa is due to their own fluorescent proteins rather than cyanobacteria.

For anyone who's already downloaded these slides, please substitute the corrected version of Coral ID-1 which is now posted at:

My thanks to Joerg Wiedenmann for drawing our attention to the following publication:
Oswald, F. et al. 2007. Contributions of hosts and symbionts pigments to the coloration of reef corals. FEBS Journal 274: 1102-1109. 
Judy Lang
Scientific Coordinator, AGRRA Project

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