[Coral-List] Mini-Symposium 15: Reef Conservation Research in Micronesia, 3rd Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium in Taiwan, 23-27th June 2014

Alexander M. Kerr alexander.kerr at aya.yale.edu
Sat Nov 9 00:36:08 EST 2013

Gday Coral-listers,

There will be a mini-symposium on

Reef Conservation Research in Micronesia

at the upcoming 3rd Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium in Taiwan,
23-27th June 2014.  We welcome abstracts and presentations on this

Coral reefs are threatened by multiple local anthropogenic influences
and compounded by climate change, sea-level rise and ocean
acidification. Micronesian reefs are no exception, though they are
less studied than those in many other regions. This widely scattered
set of archipelagos lie in one of the largest tropical ocean regions,
adjacent to the global center of marine biodiversity. Cultural
diversity here is also high, and learning from traditional practices
to enhance marine resource management is a major goal. We invite local
managers and scientists to share their experiences within Micronesia
by submitting abstracts describing research on the conservation and
management challenges and solutions of this unique and understudied

To encourage and reward interesting submissions, the organizers of
this session have been promised access to travel support for several
of the top abstract submissions. Additionally, under discussion is a
plan to publish a special issue in a regional journal featuring
presentations from this session.  Final deadline for submission of
abstracts is January 15th, 2014. Please limit your abstracts to 250
words or less.

Submit your abstracts to


Click on Abstract Submissions and indicate Mini-symposium 15.  If you
have any questions or would like more information please contact us at

Alexander Kerr (uogmarinelab at gmail.com)
Sun Kim (ksunwk at gmail.com)
Laurie Raymundo (ljraymundo at gmail.com)
Allen Chen (acroporachen at gmail.com)


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