[Coral-List] Just in time -- plastic coral reefs...

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 10 18:23:43 EST 2013

   Dear Gregor,
   Looks like we are getting exactly what we deserve.
   Just returned from the annual scuba diving convention (DEMA).  Not only is
   climate change a non-starter, it is virtually a topic non grata even in the
   very  few industry-sponsored seminars focusing on conservation issues.
   Project Aware, the industry's anointed environmental advocacy tool has
   chosen to basically avoid the controversy and focus on other issues. They
   are  doing  a great job on debris removal and shark finning, but their
   leadership   told   me   repeatedly   that  they  have  chosen not  to
   prioritize climate change. When I raised the issue in a break-down session
   responses varied from the science is not settled to we need to deal with
   more local concerns.
   It actually gets worse. On the convention floor one speargun manufacturer
   had large illuminated displays proudly depicting free divers laying directly
   on the corals as if promoting the practice when stalking prey. (Pictures
   provided upon request). Only the Save Our Leatherbacks Operation staff
   situated where they could do nothing to avoid the disturbing images seemed
   to be offended by the insensitivity of the messaging.
   Now I can relax and envision the thrill of diving on synthetic 3-D reefs.
   Not a moment too soon I might add. I was just beginning to think it was
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   >Thank goodness our problems with troublesome coral reefs are solvedÂ.
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