[Coral-List] Did Your Reef Bleach? Call to all divers in the Western Indian Ocean

Benjamin Cowburn benjamindcowburn at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 14 12:50:50 EST 2013

Hi List,
Earlier this week I put out a request for any information from the Western
Indian Ocean on bleaching. Thank you so much to all those who replied
I am now asking for information about areas that did bleach AND areas which
saw NO bleaching.
If you were in the water in March or April 2013 (or whenever your peak
sea-temperature is) and you DID NOT see bleaching, please tell me your
location (coordinates would be amazing) and any other relevant info you can
think of. If you DID see bleaching, please let me know as well, and
describe, send photos and/or data about the event in your area.
Please reply especially if you work in
- Tanzania
- Mozambique
- Maldives
Best wishes to all and thank you!
Benjamin Cowburn
Marine Researcher, A Rocha Kenya

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