[Coral-List] Images of Caribbean Eel species wanted

Holt, Ben G b.holt at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Nov 18 09:32:54 EST 2013

Dear fish lovers out there,

Can you take a picture of an eel AND resist the urge to bend it first? Sounds easy enough but it seems that most people prefer to photograph, or sketch, their eel specimens after bending them like so:


This is completely understandable since their shape makes them rather awkward to photograph when unbent; but it is also undesirable for my personal purposes. I am using the outlines of species images to quantify their shape and a bent eel has a very different outline to an unbent one.

So does anyone have any images of unbent specimens that I could for the following species, or, failing that, a different species within the same genus would be better than nothing:

Echidna_catenata - Chain Moray
Enchelycore_carychroa - Chestnut Moray
Enchelycore_nigricans - Viper Moray
Gymnothorax_funebris - Green Moray
Gymnothorax_miliaris - Goldentail Moray
Gymnothorax_moringa - Spotted Moray
Gymnothorax_vicinus - Purplemouth Moray
Heteroconger_longissimus - Brown Garden Eel
Monopenchelys_acuta - Orange Moray (Redface Moray)
Muraena_retifera  - Reticulate Moray
Myrichthys_breviceps - Sharptail Eel
Myrichthys_ocellatus - Goldspotted Eel
Ophichthus_ophis - Spotted Snake Eel

Images need to be of adult fish and specimens need to be lateral views (facing left or right is fine). Since I need to distinguish the outlines, it is very helpful if the specimen is placed on a plain, light background. Professional sketches are fine too. I do not need any scale.

If I were to use an image, would not publish it or reproduce it in any way but instead use it to generate data for further analysis.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer,


Ben Holt
Grand Challenges in Ecosystems & the Environment Fellow
Silwood Park Campus
Imperial College London

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