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Dear Coral Listers,

I am happy to announce Smithsonian's new publishing venue and procedures for the Atoll Research Bulletin. Please explore the new Open SI portal and provide us with any feedback on using the site for article submissions.  You may contact the editors directly using the email address ARBeditor at si.edu<mailto:ARBeditor at si.edu>. We hope you will check the portal regularly, as new articles will be published as they complete the review and revision process.

News Release from Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, November 19, 2013:


In October 2013, the Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press (SISP) succeeded the National Museum of Natural History as publisher of the Atoll Research Bulletin and is now accepting new submissions and publishing new issues of the Bulletin through its newly launched open access portal, Open SI (http://opensi.si.edu/index.php/smithsonian).

Now Published!

ARB 591     A Status Report on the Coral Reef at Pulau Durai, Anambas Islands, Indonesia (Milner, Currier, Kopcho, and Alling)

ARB 592     Land, Mangrove and Freshwater Decapod Crustaceans of Mayotte Region (Crustacea Decapoda) (Bouchard, Poupin, Cleva, Dumas, and Dinhut)

ARB 593     Anomura (Crustacea Decapoda) from the Mayotte Region, Western Indian Ocean (Poupin, Bouchard, Dinhut, Cleva, and Dumas)

ARB 594     Sailing through Time: A Historical Examination of the Explorations and Expeditions of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (Wiener and Wagner)

ARB 595     Status of Horned Helmet Cassis Cornuta in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, and Its Trade in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines (Dolorosa, Conales, and Bundal)

ARB 596     Fringing Reefs of Reunion Island and Eutrophication Effects – Part 1: Long-Term Monitoring of Two Shallow Coral Reef Communities (Tourrand, Naim, Bigot, Cadet, Cauvin, Semple, Montaggioni, Chabanet, and Bruggemann)

ARB 597     Fringing Reefs of Reunion Island and Eutrophication Effects – Part 2: Long-Term Monitoring of Primary Producers (Naim, Tourrand, Ballesteros, Semple, Bigot, Cauvin, Cuet, and Montaggioni)

ARB 598     Fringing Reefs of Reunion Island and Eutrophication Effects – Part 3: Long-Term Monitoring of Living Corals (Naim, Tourrand, Faure, Bigot, Cauvin, Semple, and Montaggioni)

The Atoll Research Bulletin has been available online for several years through a web page linked to one of the Smithsonian’s institutional repositories. SISP takes users’ access one step further with Open SI. The portal is the Smithsonian’s first open access publishing platform that also manages manuscript submissions. It eases production workflow for editors, reviewers, and authors while providing easy access to current issues of the Bulletin – as well as other SISP publications. In the coming year, Open SI will also house the periodical’s complete digitized archive. Migration of all legacy volumes will mean the full series will soon be accessible for researchers and the public through an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface.

Series Editor Ian Macintyre (Curator Emeritus, Department of Paleobiology, Smithsonian Institution) and newly appointed Associate Editor Marguerite Toscano (Quaternary Marine Geologist, Department of Paleobiology, Smithsonian Institution) are assisting SISP to ensure a smooth transition for manuscripts currently in the Bulletin’s production pipeline and advising on development of updated submission requirements, so authors may submit their manuscripts through the new system without delay.

SISP is the Smithsonian’s internal scholarly publishing program dedicated to disseminating research in all disciplines of Smithsonian scholars including anthropology, botany, history and technology, geology, paleobiology, museum conservation, and zoology. Ginger Strader, Director of SISP, says, "The addition of Atoll Research Bulletin to the portal alongside our Smithsonian Contributions Series and proceedings means that the Bulletin will continue to publish meaningful papers on the biota of tropical islands and reefs, and that the public can see an even wider range of support for scholarly research occurring every day at the Smithsonian."


Marguerite Toscano

Associate Editor, Atoll Research Bulletin

ARBeditor at si.edu<mailto:ARBeditor at si.edu>

Marguerite A. Toscano, PhD
Quaternary Marine Geoscientist
Smithsonian Institution
Department of Paleobiology
National Museum of Natural History, MRC 121
P. O. Box 37012
Washington, DC 20013-7012
toscanom at si.edu<mailto:toscanom at si.edu>

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