[Coral-List] The Diving Industry and Ocean Conservation

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 20 22:37:22 EST 2013

   I  have  been involved  in this industry for thirty years, a diver for
   much longer. I do not post this as an incrimination, but I am not repentant
   for expecting more from those of us whose business interests depend on
   healthy marine ecosystems. Are diving industry leaders doing enough to
   promote ocean conservation and can I feel confident that they will react
   responsibly in confronting the impending threats to coral reefs world-wide?

   The Consortium for Ocean Leadership describes the National Ocean Policy this
   way: a plan to manage the nationâs oceans and reconcile the interests of
   over  two dozen federal agencies. Initiatives include monitoring ocean
   acidification and pollution, regulating aquaculture, improving access to
   renewable offshore energy, and protecting coastal communities. The policy
   also intends to improve fishery management in order to meet the growing
   demand for sustainable seafood. Not everyone is happy about the new policy,
   arguing that the Obama administration is overreaching. We disagree. If we
   want a sustainable future, the importance of managing our oceans, arguably
   our most critical natural resource, cannot be underestimated.

   Virtually every ocean conservation organization that I can find supports
   this initiative. DEMA opposes it.

   DEMA's statement in opposition to the National Ocean Policy:


   In their own word's the diving industry is partnered with the National Ocean
   Policy Coalition, an organization that is opposed to the National Ocean
   Policy. (?) Their members include: [2]http://oceanpolicy.com/members/

   I invite you to draw your own conclusions.


   1. http://dema.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=594
   2. http://oceanpolicy.com/members/

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