[Coral-List] NGOs, Corals and Dive Industry

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   Dear Gene,
   This  thread  which  your  remarks helped to prolong is not so much an
   indictment of DEMA as it is a call
   for the organization that speaks for the diving industry to re-evaluate it's
   platform and approach to the broad
   array of issues affecting coral reefs and other marine ecosystems. It is
   understandable that representatives
   of this industry's international marketing organization would focus on
   promoting and growing successful
   consumer-oriented businesses. But part of their mandate is to represent all
   of their constituent groups and
   that includes a growing number of divers and diving-related businesses who
   value and prioritize conservation and
   sustainability. DEMA's mission statement is quite clear in describing it's
   central objective:To promote sustainable
   growth in safe recreational diving and snorkeling while protecting the
   underwater environment. We don't want
   equipment  manufacturers, resorts and dive shops to be concerned about
   "looking green". We want them to explore
   new ways of ensuring sustainable growth for both their business models and
   the marine ecosystems on which
   their enterprises depend. These goals are not mutually exclusive and many
   believe they deserve more equitable
   and balanced consideration. I would go as far as to suggest that of DEMA's
   five main goals the one that claims
   it  is among their objectives "to conserve and protect natural aquatic
   resources" has been consigned to a position
   of relative obscurity. I would further assert that until we become more
   conscientious stewards of the blue by restoring
   the ocean's rightful position at the table, it will be with considerable
   irony that the desirable and appropriate
   aspirations relating to business success will prove increasingly difficult
   for members of our industry to attain.
   Warm regards,
   No Coral, No Ecosystem, No Dive Industry
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   >I am a little surprise that this anti DEMA thread has lasted this long.
   >Does not DEMA represent the diving equipment manufacturers? Is selling
   >more equipment in their best interests? Is it not likely that this bill
   >everyone is citing might lead to closing more areas to diving? And,
   >might this action lead to less equipment sales? I suspect most of you
   >have heard that part of the reef problem (other than the usual suspects)
   >is divers 1) touching coral, 2) divers urinating, 3) sunscreen causing
   >bleaching, 4) divers turning over corals in search of lobster etc. etc.
   >Those could be cited as reasons to close diving in certain areas. One
   >can envision the leaders of these companies sitting around pondering how
   >to look green and at the same time keep selling the latest model
   >regulators etc. Just be careful about what you wish for. You just might
   >eventually be hearing something like, "If you like your old dive
   >equipment you can keep it." Gene
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