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With respect, Eugene, I don't think it is an anti-DEMA thread, I think it is
more like questioning why DEMA, as an industry leader, appears to be acting
against the interests of conserving the oceans. So since it is still going,
and with apologies to the scientists out there who probably want to bring
the focus back to coral reef science... 

For those who didn't read the DEMA website, which someone put a link to
earlier, here is what Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA, said (and I
have cc'd him here because it is only fair that he knows he is being
discussed and has right of reply):

"The dive industry has agreed that an ocean policy that is designed to
stimulate job creation and economic growth while conserving the natural
resources and marine habitat of our oceans would be of great benefit to our
nation. However, more time and appropriate scientific study is needed to
adequately establish justification for many aspects of the policy, based on
realities on the ground."

Let's talk about realities on the ground. I ran my own dive centre for six
years on one of Malaysia's east coast islands. Come and dive with me there
and see for yourself just what is happening because of growing tourism, much
of it dive related. Come and dive with me in parts of Sabah that are still
using destructive fishing methods. Come and see places in South East Asia
where 90% of the reefs died during the 2010 bleaching event.

Let's talk about the scientific data. Write back to this list and ask the
coral reef scientists who contribute to it a question about coral reef
issues. Ask what impacts climate change is going to have on reefs - and
oceans more widely. There will be plenty of people who can offer you

Enough scientific data already!

All I am asking is this. There are thousands and thousands of divers out
there who might, just might, be interested to learn more about climate
change impacts on reefs, particularly after so many dived in South East Asia
in 2010 and saw the bleaching and started asking questions. As one of the
industries that makes its  money out of reefs, can the dive industry please
help to pass on some information and get divers better informed about the
broader issues. Not asking for money; not asking for freebies; not asking
for anyone to change their business. Just help to pass along some
information. And I include the dive certification agencies in this, too.


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generations can no longer be taken for granted."

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I am a little surprise that this anti DEMA thread has lasted this long. 
Does not DEMA represent the diving equipment manufacturers? Is selling more
equipment in their best interests? Is it not likely that this bill everyone
is citing might lead to closing more areas to diving? And, might this action
lead to less equipment sales? I suspect most of you have heard that part of
the reef problem (other than the usual suspects) is divers 1) touching
coral, 2) divers urinating, 3) sunscreen causing bleaching, 4) divers
turning over corals in search of lobster etc. etc. 
Those could be cited as reasons to close diving in certain areas. One can
envision the leaders of these companies sitting around pondering how to look
green and at the same time keep selling the latest model regulators etc.
Just be careful about what you wish for. You just might eventually be
hearing something like, "If you like your old dive equipment you can keep
it." Gene


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