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Good Day,

It is interesting that this discussion has focused almost solely on the
professional organizations (i.e. DEMA). What about the hotels, restaurants,
marinas, boat and motor manufacturers, bars, etc. that would not exist if it
weren't for the unique marine habitats that attract divers?  Don't they too
have environmental conservation obligations?  No doubt, the shoreside
infrastructure required to support the traveling diver does as much or more
environmental damage as the diver in the water.


Quenton Dokken, Ph.D.
Gulf of Mexico Foundation

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Dear Listers,

My 28 years experience with engaging the dive industry (including
manufacturers) in support of coral reef conservation has generally been very
positive and proactive - IF the approach (the 'pitch') is done correctly.
Too often have I seen individuals, groups, NGOs (small and
large) come at this from completely the wrong direction (i.e.
finger-pointing, brow-beating, guilt-trip etc.) and it has got them
absolutely nowhere.

For one of no doubt many good examples where the correct approach works and
pays dividends, take a look at the Coral Restoration Foundation (

Below are a few references that I find helpful:

Cater, C (2009) The Life Aquatic: Scuba Diving and the Experiential
Imperative. Journal of Tourism in Marine Environments, 5:4 Cognizant.
Cater, C. (2008) Chapter 4: Perceptions of and interactions with marine
environments; diving attractions from Great Whites to Pygmy Seahorses. In
Garrod B and Gössling S (eds.) Diving Tourism: Experiences, Sustainability,
Management. Elsevier, London.
Cater, C. and Cater, E. (2007) Marine Ecotourism. CABI, Oxford.

My very best to all,


Peter Raines MBE
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