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   Dear Peter,
   Please share the specific techniques you have utilized when engaging the
   diving industry and the resultant satisfactory reactions that you have
   experienced. It could be that we are envisioning completely different sets
   of expectations. Support for coral reef restoration is commendable as is the
   industry's backing of clean up campaigns, lionfish hunting and shark fin
   bans. But I would point out that other challenges like land-based sources of
   pollution,  sedimentation,  overfishing  and climate change which were
   specifically described by the International Coral Reef Symposium in 2012 as
   the major threats to the future health of our oceans appear to have yet to
   raise concerns. Again, I feel compelled to point out that DEMA's steadfast
   opposition to the NOP and it's endorsement of the latest efforts to block
   it's  implementation  are  difficult  to  reconcile when attempting to
   characterize  the organization as being very positive and proactive in
   support of coral reef and ocean conservation.
   Respectfully and with regards,
   Steve Mussman
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   >Dear Listers,
   >My 28 years experience with engaging the dive industry (including
   >manufacturers) in support of coral reef conservation has generally been
   >very positive and proactive - IF the approach (the 'pitch') is done
   >correctly.. Too often have I seen individuals, groups, NGOs (small and
   >large) come at this from completely the wrong direction (i.e.
   >finger-pointing, brow-beating, guilt-trip etc.) and it has got them
   >absolutely nowhere.
   >For one of no doubt many good examples where the correct approach works and
   >pays dividends, take a look at the Coral Restoration Foundation (
   >Below are a few references that I find helpful:
   >Cater, C (2009) The Life Aquatic: Scuba Diving and the Experiential
   >Imperative. Journal of Tourism in Marine Environments, 5:4 Cognizant.
   >Cater, C. (2008) Chapter 4: Perceptions of and interactions with marine
   >environments; diving attractions from Great Whites to Pygmy Seahorses. In
   >Garrod   B  and  Gössling  S  (eds.)  Diving  Tourism:  Experiences,
   >Management. Elsevier, London.
   >Cater, C. and Cater, E.. (2007) Marine Ecotourism. CABI, Oxford.
   >My very best to all,
   >Peter Raines MBE
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