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david at medio.fsnet.co.uk david at medio.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Oct 1 06:34:45 EDT 2013

I have never - a priori - been in favour of coral relocation and artificial reefs in general. They do in some cases allow for the few coral colonies present in a particular setting to survive if moved elsewhere, e.g. Doha Airport is an example. However, given it has become flavour of the month in may offshore and coastal projects (those requiring infilling), we as scientists should be very careful in endorsing the practice outright. It is unlikely we can re-create the complex 3D fabric of a coral reef any time soon, condoning the removal of a reef because it can moved elsewhere also leads to ecosystem simplification; coral relocation also frequently means moving a natural resource out of the reach of recreational users and, as in the case of Dubai aquarium, encourages the likes of dolphinaria and similar outdated and frequently cruel practices.

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