[Coral-List] Fwd: AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014 - Session on high-resolution climate archives

Jens Zinke jens.zinke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 08:38:26 EDT 2013

Dear colleagues, we would like you to consider our session at the AGU Ocean
Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, in February 2014.**

*Deadline is approaching fast - October 4th - 3 days left to submit

* *

007 - The Role of the Oceans in Climate Change on Interannual, Decadal and
Century-Long Time-Scales from Marine Proxy Archives**

The role of the oceans in climate change on decadal and century- long
time-scales is still barely understood. One of the main problems is the
limited data basis. Observational records of environmental variables from
the marine realm are spatially incomplete and cover only short time
intervals. For example, sea surface temperature measurements are scarce
prior to about 1860. Uninterrupted records of sea surface salinity barely
exist for more than the last decade. Even less is known from deeper water
settings below the thermocline. High-resolution and long- term records of
environmental variables from marine settings are an indispensable
requirement for developing and testing quantitative climate models. And
that's exactly what the oral and poster presentations of this session are
focusing on: naturally occurring, high-resolution climate archives with a
broad spatial coverage and modern climate modeling approaches.
Contributions of this session demonstrate the potential of high- resolution
marine climate archives and include well-established and newly explored
proxy records: tropical corals, mollusk shells, sclerosponges, coralline
algae and others. The presentations cover all major climate phenomena:
ENSO, the Asian monsoon, the tropical Atlantic variability, NAO, the
Atlantic Multidecadal Variability and the PDO.


Jens Zinke, UWA Oceans Institute & University of Western Australia

Miriam Pfeiffer, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Steffen Hetzinger, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany

Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Hokkaido University, Japan

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Abstract deadline: October 4th 2013

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