[Coral-List] Climate change in the ocean

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   I don't propose to speak for the authors of this article, but from what I
   understand although meteorological observation journals date back at least
   to the early 18th century, 1860 is considered the beginning of the "modern"
   instrumental epoch period. Oceanographic records including ocean surface
   temperatures, ph and oxygen levels have a similar time-frame of reference.
   Of course selecting a particular time period is also a common means used to
   cherry-pick data to fit one's hypothesis, but as I am sure you are well
   aware  this technique is most often used by climate change deniers not
   reputable scientists like those involved in this study. In addition, whether
   temperatures have been warmer or colder in the past 10,000 years is largely
   irrelevant to the impacts of the contemporary warming or it's human imprint.
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   >thank you for the links. I'd like to take the opportunity to ask a question
   after reading the abstract of the Nature article. I understand you take 1860
   - 2005 as the climate reference. I'm just curious why you take such a short
   time, and such an abnormal time, as reference? Surely you must be aware that
   the climate in the past 10,000 years has been significantly warmer, and that
   we, until the advent of greenhouse gas emissions, seemed to be heading to
   the next Ice Age (which is why Svante Arrhenius himself proposed that all
   this burning of fossil fuel actually could save us from soon entering into a
   long  time  of  extreme  cold).  So,  why the choice of this short and
   unrepresentative reference period?
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   >> http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v502/n7470/full/nature12540.html
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