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From: Dr Tim Coles [mailto:tim.coles at opwall.com]
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Subject: Alfred Russel Wallace centenary

Dear Colleague

2013 is the centenary of the great Victorian naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace who was the co-originator of the theory of evolution by natural selection along with Darwin.  Operation Wallacea (www.opwall.com<http://www.opwall..com>) which runs biodiversity survey expeditions around the word has produced in association with the Wallace Fund at the Natural History Museum in London, a poster which describes the voyages by Wallace and Darwin which led to the discovery of the theory - see http://opwall.com/wp-content/uploads/wallacemap.jpg.

In order to promote Wallace's legacy Operation Wallacea is providing these posters free of charge to interested academics in Europe.  If you would like one of these posters please email lizi.rickett at opwall.com<mailto:lizi.rickett at opwall.com> with your mailing address and she will send you one along with a selection of our other posters.

Dr Tim Coles OBE
Project Director and Founder, Operation Wallacea  (www.opwall.com<http://www.opwall.com>)
Publisher of Biodiversity Science (www.biodiversityscience.com<http://www.biodiversityscience.com>)
Senior Research Associate, Zoology Department, Oxford University
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