[Coral-List] Mini symposium - Coral disease in the Asia Pacific region - APCRS 2014

Joanne Wilson jwilsonmarine at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 15:58:31 EDT 2013

We would like announce there will be a mini-symposium on ‘Coral Disease in
the Asia-Pacific region’ at the upcoming 3rd Asia Pacific Coral Reef
Sympoisum in Taiwan, 23-27th June 2014 (see
http://www.apcrs2014.com/Abstract%20Submission/index.php ).  We welcome
abstracts and presentations on this topic and look forward to creating an
Indo Pacific network of coral disease experts. Submit your abstracts online
to Mini-symposium #8 but if you have any questions or would like more
information please contact Greta Aeby greta at hawaii.edu or Joanne Wilson
jwilsonmarine at gmail.com

Coral disease has emerged as a serious threat contributing to the decline
of reefs all over the world. In the past few decades, there has been a
sharp increase in the frequency and severity of coral diseases with
resultant impacts on coral cover, species diversity and reef ecosystem
structure and function. The emergence and persistence of disease depends on
a complex interplay between the coral holobiont, the disease agent, and
environmental conditions.  Coral diseases are linked with anthropogenic
stressors such as sediment, nutrient and sewage pollution and
climate-related thermal stress. However, the study of marine diseases is a
relatively new science and options for disease management and control are
urgently needed. In the Asia-Pacific region we know very little about the
distribution, prevalence and cause of most coral diseases. This
mini-symposium is organized to provide an update for advances in marine
disease research and management, and to build networks of coral disease
scientists in the Asia-Pacific. We encourage presentations and papers that
improve our understanding of all aspects of coral disease on Asia-Pacific
reefs - from disease surveys, studies on impact of disease on reef
communities to more detailed studies at the level of microbial or molecular

Dr Joanne Wilson
Principal - Sea Solutions
jwilsonmarine at gmail.com

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