[Coral-List] Proliferation of Acropora prolifera

vassil zlatarski vzlatarski at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 5 22:37:00 EDT 2013

Dear Coral Friends,

The negligence concerning the present-day importance of the hybrid Acropora prolifera had a grey twist.  Years ago, when it began the process of listing Caribbean Acropora, originally were proposed for listing three species: A palmata, A. cervicornis and A. prolifera.  Immediately, I wrote to the employes moving the process that actually they are not three species, but two and prolifera is a hybrid, in order to attract attention to its nature. Guess what?  The effect was counterproductive, they took prolifera out of the listing process, because only species can be listed!  I continued unsuccessfully to appeal for study and preservation of the hybrid because its recent more frequent presence and growing importance in the time of losing coral reefs.  Is it so difficult to made an amendment to the regulations?  What is the purpose to have regulations if they do not serve for the best?  You see, I am struggling to pay for my involuntary sin.

I would be great if our colleagues with long-term observationshare thoughts about prolifera and the Caribbean Acropora intra-generic shift.  Thanks in advance!



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