[Coral-List] ITS2 nomenclature in clade E

Thomas Krueger thomas.krueger at vuw.ac.nz
Tue Sep 10 11:57:24 EDT 2013


I have a general question regarding Symbiodinium ITS2 nomenclature 
within clade E. To my knowledge only the culture CCMP421 and the 
Symbiodinium californium culture exist as E clade cultures. Does anyone 
know of any other cultures? More importantly, sequences for CCMP421 are 
usually listed as E2 on GenBank, the geosymbio database on the other 
hand only lists E1 as only ITS2 member within this clade. I prefer the 
geosymbio database as reference archive, however blasting Symbiodinium 
californium and CCMP421 against it returns both of them as E1. My 
question is, do we call them both E1 or both E2 or are they two 
different types and there are at least two ITS2 types in clade E? Thanks 
in advance for any suggestions.



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