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Deborah Gochfeld gochfeld at olemiss.edu
Thu Sep 12 11:00:52 EDT 2013

>From Michal Lesser, NSF/Biological Oceanography
IPA Rotator at NSF with background in coral reef/benthic/everything else needed…..
My tenure at NSF ends around June 1, 2014 and I return to the University of New Hampshire.  Right now the Biological Oceanography program has expertise in phytoplankton/microzooplankton and microbial ecology.  My leaving creates a disciplinary void that I have been asked to help fill.  So rather than go into a long speech about how important this job is and how rewarding it is I invite anyone who might be interested in serving for two years at NSF in the role of program officer to PLEASE email me (mpl at unh.edu<mailto:mpl at unh.edu>) and we can have a conversation about the job itself and gauge the interest of individuals.  To start with it should be someone who has some experience reviewing and has served on a panel at NSF, and likely has been funded by NSF as well.  From a community perspective it is very important to have this slot filled with the right expertise, and if a coral reef/benthic ecologist doesn’t take this position someone from another discipline will fill the job.
Look forward to talking with any and all of you.
Cheers, Michael
Dr. Michael P. Lesser
Research Professor of Microbiology
Department of Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
mpl at unh.edu<applewebdata://3CC9E97B-4EEB-4E0C-99B4-FEE9AF2B529B/mpl@unh.edu>
603-862-3442 Office
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