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ICZN does not "accept" names.  ICZN, as its name states, deals with nomenclature.  It makes the rules about how to form a name, which name should be used in the case of identical names (homonyms), which name should be used if two names are considered to apply to the same taxon (synonyms), etc.  If the rules of nomenclature are followed, the ICZN has been satisfied. Whether two names really are synonyms is a matter of taxonomy (not nomenclature) and it is the judgment of the expert community that prevails. 

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Hi all:

I looked over Nancy's interesting article and the data appear to be pretty
compelling. However, being a geologist and not a coral taxonomist, my
question is whether the ICZN (or whoever the official body is) has accepted
these name changes yet. If not, how is this typically dealt with in the
literature? As M. faveolata is a highly preferred lab rat for paleoclimate
studies, it's probably important that we follow the rules before we start
tossing new names about. If this hasn't yet happened, what is the protocol
for referring to this and other species that may now sit in new bins?


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