[Coral-List] Canthigaster population irruption

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Dear Janie,

It may save your time know let then now that this Copeia article is available for download at Ross' publications webpage..



On 18/09/2013, at 12:40 AM, Janie Wulff <wulff at bio.fsu.edu> wrote:

> Following up on Les's comments about mass settlement of tetraodontiform fishes:
> Ross Robertson (Robertson, D.R.1998.  Copeia 1988(3):698-703) 
> published data on a mass settlement in 1985 of the triggerfish 
> Balistes vetula in Panama in the contexts of :  1) settlement data in 
> 1985 of this species at 81 sites in Panama, Belize, Isla San Andres, 
> Santa Marta, and Grand Cayman collected by him, augmented by 
> information from responses to questionnaires returned by other 
> researchers at 22 localities around the Caribbean, 2) surface current 
> patterns in the wider Caribbean, 3) monthly settlement information at 
> sites near Punta de San Blas, Panama, for 7 years preceding the mass 
> settlement (4 years of non-quantitative observations followed by 3 
> years of counts), and for 2 years after the mass settlement, 4) 
> settlement during the same time period, at the Punta de San Blas 
> sites, of 24 other fish species representing 7 families, 5) 
> behavioral observations of settlers wounding each other during 
> battles for limited crevice space, and 6) resulting effects on the 
> adult populations.  I'd be happy to send the pdf to anyone who would 
> like to have the article but lacks access to Copeia.
> - Janie
> At 5:22 PM +0000 9/14/13, Kaufman, Leslie S wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> Part of the old discussion from 2008 was recognition that this kind 
>> of event is not uncommon in tetraodontiform fishes (trigger, file, 
>> puffer, box, trunk).  The most classic expression is the periodic 
>> "larval storm" of Pervagor in the Pacific...though the term larval 
>> here is not quite correct: many or most tetraodontiform fishes pass 
>> through a pelagic juvenile phase, and it is usually these pelagic 
>> juveniles that arrive en masse every so often, with many winding up 
>> dead in windrows on beaches.
>> Les
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