[Coral-List] Gregor Hodgson's comments re shifting baselines in cohorts of coral reef ecologists...

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Mon Sep 16 12:19:19 EDT 2013

I second Gregor Hodgson's comments on how younger reef scientists have no 
direct knowledge of how reefs used to be 40 years ago.  That is one of the 
reasons why we assembled the booklet, Reef Reminiscences.  It captures the 
memories of a number of older reef scientists concerning the places they 
worked in their youth.  Yes, we may be wearing rose-colored glasses (or 
perhaps rose-colored cataracts), but I think we all tried to describe what 
we remembered without exaggerating.

The document is available for download at 

Share it with your (younger) friends.
Peter Sale
Peter F. Sale
Assistant Director
United Nations University
Institute for Water, Environment and Health

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