[Coral-List] information on reliable EC logger

sabine_bonaire at yahoo.com sabine_bonaire at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 16 16:58:41 EDT 2013

Yesterday I posted to inquire about EC loggers:
Dear all,

Does anybody have experience with an EC logger? I am working in an area with saline - hypersaline conditions (seawater to over 3x seawater) and am looking for a device that I can deploy independently, that logs EC at preset intervals. Was looking at a device but got word that the readings were not reliable in hypersaline conditions. 3x seawater salinity may not be feasible, but when I can get reliable data on light hypersaline conditions that would be great.

And forgot to explain the acronym EC, sorry for that. 
EC is Electrical Conductivity, which has a strong relation to the concentration of salt in water. It is often used instead of measuring salinity. 



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